Shabby Slips Slipcovers!!



It had been a long while since I had gotten a new slipcover for my sofa and, I needed one, badly!  It wasn’t a choice – recently, the linen had started fraying on the back cushions.  I tried stitching the holes up, but it wasn’t possible to stop the ripping and ripping and more ripping that happened with every wash.



And so I started worrying – where to get new slips made?   I couldn’t just send my sofa out to a shop for a few weeks – I needed it to watch the election news on my flatscreen!!!   Finally, I called Shabby Slips and asked Renea Abbott, the owner, if she would please make me a new slipcover, since she had made the original one. 

Yes!   And it was all so easy.


I bought the linen for the slipcover, and then Renea sent her seamstress to my house. 

The linen?  I used Pindler and Pindler and went for low cost.  Whoa.  Linen just keeps getting more and more expensive.  I chose Glenfield, #4767 - Bone colorway – which is actually a bright white.  The Glenfield is prewashed, but I ignored this and had it washed anyway at the washateria on W. Alabama at Shepherd.


At my house, the seamstress cut the pattern out, then took the fabric back to the shop, and a week later she returned with my new slipcover.  And it is so pretty!!   I’m thrilled.


Here’s a view of the back side with the perfect long ties.  The slip is very tailored, with no frills, and it was made just a little bit big for ease of putting it on and off – all options the seamstress and I talked about, beforehand.


A big thank you to Shabby Slips, Renea, and her crew. 


If you live in Houston be sure to keep Shabby Slips in mind for slipcovers, furniture, antiques, accessories, and interior design.


It’s been awhile since I’ve shown pictures of Shabby Slips’ shop – so I stopped by the other day and snapped away so that you could see what’s available now. 



The shop, Shabby Slips is next door to Watkins Culver and across the street from Neal & Co. which makes this a great location for a few hours of antiquing in Houston.


The shop has a main showroom with a few different rooms and out back is the large second showroom.    At the front door,  Shabby Slips shows off their custom upholstery and the great mix of antiques and contemporary pieces they are known for.  There is always a fabulous selection of mirrors and chandeliers.  And there is always a touch of gilt – something that Renea Abbott loves.


In the middle of the front showroom is this large dining room with a set of great looking chairs. 


The next vignette – love this bench!  There are two available.


The middle showroom has several dining tables and a mix of Biedermeier furniture and contemporary end tables.


Love all the horns in the shop.  But, these chairs are to die for!!


The back showroom mixes gilt mirrors and chairs with black accents.


These chairs are incredible.  Note the carved wing arms.


This dining table is a new purchase that had just arrived in shop.  Love it – and love the chairs.


A painted and gilded console mixed with a gold mirror.  Notice all the boxes – which are great on tabletops.


In the front room – two small French chairs in Mary McDonald’s black and cream fabric.  This antique console is particularly beautiful with its marble top.   The shop is now featuring custom lamps by Liz Marsh, seen here and around at different vignettes.


Here is a sample of the Liz Marsh lamps at Shabby Slips.  They are STUNNING!!!!!


Of course these are my favorite chairs!!  Beautiful!   The console is also quite pretty – the drawers have a hot pink interior.


See the pink interior?  The hardware also makes the console that much prettier – like jewelry.


Shabby Slips represents hardware by Lisa Jarvis “Jewelry for Furniture.”


A mix of contemporary tables in black with gold accents.


Their famous custom coffee table.


No one has as many beautiful chandeliers as Renea.  This one is particularly gorgeous.


Another beautiful console with mirrors and table top accessories.


Love this pair of chairs.




A Liz Marsh lamp with a gold and crystal sculpture. 



I love this accent on the chair leg.


More mirrors – and star Liz Marsh lamps, or are they birds!!?!


This is a great settee for the end of a bed, a entry hall, or around a small dining table.


There are two of these stunning contemporary gold side tables. 


Black lacquered table with gilt accents and black leather chairs with nailheads.


A mix of starburst and ornate mirrors.


The outside showroom is filled with lots and lots of furniture, all set up in beautiful vignettes.


Shabby Slips makes the best pillows.  They are perfectly sized, in beautiful fabrics.



Beautiful contemporary mirror and more great pillows.  Love the white ones with the plain black stripe across the middle.


This gorgeous Dessin Fournir dining table has gilt accents.


And this fabulous chaise!!


More contemporary mixed with classic English styled arm chairs.



My favorite contemporary light fixture and old fashioned lantern!!



A pair of mirrors.  

Be sure to visit Shabby Slips HERE.


Finally, I know you all have seen photos of the Manteris' house in various magazines.  Well....that beautiful house was sold and the couple have moved on.  Their new house is in the process of being photographed and hopefully it won't be years and years until we all see it in a magazine.  There have been a few hints of the house on Renea's instagram.  Just a tiny few.  But wow!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!



Kelly Wearstler's Channels Wallpaper - is stunning here in their new dining room.  Love. 



And this is a rose bedroom.  OK.  I'm sold.  This room is beyond gorgeous.  Can not WAIT to see it!!

To visit Shabby Slips, go to their web site HERE.

And Creative Flooring does not have a web site, unfortunately.  But, to see their fabulous selection of flooring options, rugs & carpets – phone:  (713) 522-1181 or visit at

2410 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005


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